Klaro-systemets fire sykluser

De fleste renseanlegg jobber er etter den såkalte SBR-metoden (Sequencing Batch Reactor).

The wastewater is first treated in the sludge storage buffer (1st chamber), in which solids are retained. From there, the wastewater is led into the SBR basin (2nd chamber) bit by bit.

The actual biological purification process takes place in the SBR basin. For this, short aerating and resting phases are alternated in a controlled purification process. Thus, the so-called activated sludge with many millions of micro-organisms is created, which cleanses the water thoroughly.

Then a resting phase follows, during which the activated sludge sinks to the bottom of the basin and a clear water zone is created in the upper part of the SBR basin.

The purified wastewater is now drained into a receiving waters (stream, river or lake) or an infiltration system. After, the sludge is returned from the SBR basin into the first chamber and the process re-starts itself.